Thursday, March 08, 2007
do you think i'll get it?

i dunno. but of course i hope so.

sometimes... i do wonder if shang4 tian1 is fair or not.

but all the times, we shld know the ans.

it is nv fair.

some people get more than others do...

some people get less...

but some of those who get more than others do failed to appreciate it and embrace it and put it to full use.

they don't know how some people who get less are feeling.

they don't know the meaning of treasure.

sometimes... why is that so?

when we lose it, we'll learn the value of treasuring it.
but when we've it, we'll nv learn it.

he cried when i took his exercise bk away.
but he doesnt noe why he cried.
he doesnt noe wad he wants.
i felt a searing pain in my heart when i witnessed that.
seriously searing pain that i've nv felt b4.
someone said that when someone died, the living ones shld cry not for his/her departure, but for the memories and time spent with the person.
but in actual fact, everyone does that. everyone cries as everyone misses the person.

dying is not so scary afterall.
it's the missing part.

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