Sunday, March 25, 2007
(1是最容易, 5是最不容易)
5个选项是: - 感动
- 伤心
- 痛(是肉体, 不是心灵)
- 生气
- 担心/紧张

YY: 1. 伤心, 2. 生气 , 3. 担心/紧张 , 4. 痛(是肉体, 不是心灵) , 5. 感动

5 - 一个很聪明﹐很负责任的领导人。对你很尊敬。

1 - 对很多事都要求很高的人。不过有很多时候都太固执。

5 - 很清楚自己想什么要什么的人。

2 - 不会很客易发脾气。要懂得容忍你。外刚内柔。有自己的性格。

3 - 觉得朋友比天还重要的人。很珍惜身边很多朋友。敢爱敢恨。   

hmms... not bad. quite accurate. =)

ytd was fun. really. truly enjoyed myself.

went cine and met up w ning go shop a while b4 we realised that e tutition grp ppl were also here to get cinema tic for mr bean's hols. since we cant get tic here, we went to ps. thx tw for q-ing up for us. then as we kept on pushing e decision of where to eat to each other, we decided that we shld juz go to carrefour and buy wad we want. went to the park oppo ps to eat. it was a fun experience... not to mention buggy. so many bugs ard... >.<>

thx ppl... for making this outing a success.
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