Friday, February 16, 2007
after 6 yrs of study in chinese enviros which place much emphasis on chinese festivals like cny and maf, it's kinda strange and not-so-on when i'm here in this school.

we are always excited to celeb all these festivals... but hms perhaps it's coz this is just not a chinese sch ba.

i miss hci... very very very much. so sad that i cant join e jnrs today.

went out with del anjana and sebastian today. went to eat at sketches (so ex! but making own spaghetti is quite fun-ny) then went to watch epic movie (e person gave del the 6pm tickets when we asked for 4.15 tickets so we were actually... kinda illegal in dere. but we found good seats. =p ) STUPID MOVIE SIA. super stupid and idiotic. just as i expected. totally brainless stiching up of bits and pieces from all sorts of movies. let's see... pirates of carribean, xmen, kribs, narnia, click, davinci code, willy wonka, harry potter, some narchos movie forgot e name, snakes... the blondie looks so super idiotic. SUPER. some lame laugh here and there.

so yups. eve eve for me.

and i've piles of work to mark.
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