Sunday, February 11, 2007

19th birthday

it's really the first time in my life that I get to have 3 cakes and tonnes of greetings for my birthday. And they really make my day. Thanks for everything ppl.

1st cake: 6 Foundation. Thank you so much for the delicious choco cake.
2nd cake: 61ners... particularly ning, rong, lu, qing and xixi. thanks so much. great to cya all after such a long time!!!!!! Thanks for the tiramisu.
3rd cake: thanks mum dad and kao! =) black forest-licious!

Shiyan dear and Ah Hao Ah Kao, thank you for the calls!

Greetings (really in order! hehe locked all the smses...)
1. Brother! I know you're in forest now but still I'll be waiting till 12am to send u a happy bdae msg! =)
2. Ning! Thanks princess... Still have things yet to pass to you.
3. Daphne! Thanks colleague cum friend cum shopping partner! hehes
4. Rong! I really love the necklace... thank you so much.
5. Hoe! I also touched le! =D
6. Xuet! Thank you I know u love me with everything!
7. Dad! =) Thanks for e sms bdae cake!
8. Apple! So sad that din manage to see u ytd. Missed u!!!
9. Kor! Thank you kor! U rem!!!!
10. Lu! We'll get thru everything!
11. Burger! haha u stupid burger always suaning me. Thks for being my bickering partner. AND OMG IT'S REALLY 2.11pm that u sent e msg. Really damn it cool. I still have e 11 secs though I checked it late. =P
12. Betty/Tibet! hehe Really surprised when you sent me bdae greeting! Pleasant surprise!
13. Liting! eh bhb de... =) but i really miss u... all
14. Shihan! Forever friends man... Thanks gal
15. Puppy! ahhhh puppy! did u change much?!
16. GJY! CHANCE! I want photos! and I want u to blog!
17. Mich jie! You're always there for me... i feel that i'm a bad sis... =( but you're such a great one. Thanks so so so so so much for everything everything everything...
18. Di! =) acknowledge each other again le. and i noe im old u idiot.
19. Charms! wah. hehe thanks dear. you really made me cry. u idiot woman...
20. Meixi! ah u must have gotten ur number from ur mum... Thanks girl.
21. Buddy! =D young beautiful flower! u also lar!

22. Pillow! missed ya and super pleasant surprise!
23. PH! ok lar i forgive u coz u juz came out from forest. =) thks~

Thanks michelle (qianwen), gan (yuxin), jna and North for sending me testimonials and bdae msg. =)

Thank you Sufen for giving me the chocs! =) It's really yummy! and I love chocs! yays!

Thanks to Daph, Nadirah and Luqman for the zip zip thingy! Been wanting that but always nv buy. hehes

Thank you Hansel for e teddy hp chain. =)

Thank you Hanbao and Puppy! I love the card! Just received it. It's worth the wait. =) THANK YOU! Really love the card. Hanbao, can suan u for one day is it? cool. And u cannot rebut k?

Other than that Xiaoyou wished me too... in a weird manner le. Nv really wish me but thanks for accompanying me dear u know how much I appreciated that seriously. *muacks* Thx for the Swensens meal too. But you're better.

Today Kao brought me to chinatown flea market. Super cool! This place sells all sorts of things! Many collectibles! But din manage to find my fan4 tuan2... =( But found a super old hwa chong badge! student council badge! cost a dollar bought it anyways. Then saw this bad 4 bucks so anyhow juz buy lar nt bad mah... hahahas bought sweets and suan mei. We ate egg taRt (it was super good) and walked a while in the market. New yr atmosphere in the air! drank coconut and we bought german sausages too! Nice nice! Bought a dora cushion and then went home le... coz i need to go give tuition...

While waiting for family to pick me up, this cute fat cat rubbed against me and laid down want me to play with it. Super cute. But scared it has fleas. i've 2 cats at home de!

After tuition went home to have steamboat! mum really fulfilled her promise and made one for me! =) spent over 80 bucks to buy all the stuff! thanks mum!

you all deserve a million thanks!
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