Sunday, January 28, 2007
Ytd was happening man.

Went sch in e morning wanted to deco the classroom and ended up chatting endlessly with Del and cutting fishes. Failed attempts with trying to enlarge the fishes. Succeeded with a fish that I've drawn. Real proud of that.

Sch closed at one. Went to mrt station and woah ho Alex walked past and saw me. Took off his cap and hms... actually no shocks no surprises. He looked the same wad. He said he thought that he looked more stupid. But he nv looked smart. *oops*

Went to return my lib book which overdues 20 days ago *sigh that's why i hate lib. nv manage to return books on time* then rushed to dhoby ghaut to meet my princess. Walked ps and there wasn't once when my princess stops looking at her phone and typing msg. *sighs* I was so neglected. now I understand e true meaning of dian4 hua4 zheng4. I wont do that to my friends lor.

Met up with north and lu at cafe cartel then went this fashion tgt. hahahas selected a few stuff but in e end there was a long queue outside the fitting rooms so decided to put everything back. went dhoby Xchange to shop instead. Xuet came to join us shortly. the clothes there were nice. quality wise not bad as well. price not too steep. bought a skirt. =) princess bought a top too.

The guys were waiting at this kopi-tiam shop. Chatted a while with them. Ghost stories in Army etc. Ty with his frens at ps. wanted to ask him to come down so that we can have a look at the bald guy but he refused. took a photo which was out to suan the guys actually. "grab your style with hairfolio" and we covered the word "folio" to suan the guys coz they've no hair and no style.

rushed all e way back to EW2 to meet up with the tps alumni exco. lots of stuff to be settled sia. my goodness eh how's our NY dance alumni ah? >.<>

after that dad and mum drove me to charm's bday party. It was great fun. Know quite some new friends (Xinyi, Wesley and Iggy) and met up with old friends (Ngoh, Zanne, Steph and of course Charms). Really had a great time there. =) went back at abt 10 plus and dad sent Xinyi and Wesley to mrt stat.

I hope I can share your burden and help you any ways possible...

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