Sunday, January 14, 2007
went out with kao today. btw he got his pay already so he was like rich lar. for now. anyways i saw this v pretty swatch watch and was like looking at it. he also thought that it's nice and just bought it. i was seriously trying to stop him from splurging but he said that it's ok coz i like it. haiz... but i'm really happy with it! it's so pretty. =) first time to have a skin watch. and the salesman said that it just came in from switz 2 days ago. love swatch watches.

the moment we got out of seiyu we saw this super cute malay boy standing in front of the fountain. (we were at bugis) we were super amused by him. he was imgaining himself as a magician and conjuring up the fountains. his actions were super cute and he was totally oblivious of his surroundings. we laughed like mad coz he was really too cute. =P

had a great day. and still havent finish my lesson plan and dry my hair. i wanna sleep. =(
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