Saturday, January 06, 2007
ok ok. school has started.

2007 is really special. this time i didn't start school as a student... but did so as a teacher.

*gasps* (well a lot of friends did so)

so wad am i teaching? EMS... convenient abbrieviation for English Math and Science.

PLS dun laugh. There's nothing funny to be laughed at. I can do it lor.

Teaching at TPS... p4 Grace. Very adorable students. Naturally i've talkative ones and super quiet ones and super rowdy ones and super joker ones and super active ones and super crazy ones and super weird ones and super AA ones. But I really like them. However, kinda envy PK coz he can play with them and be not-so-strict but as i'm taking e class till june and naturally i've to have ground rules and be strict. I have to lar... I think my students are a little intimidated by me coz I mean it when I talk abt rules and consequences. or times when their noise level is really cmi and i'm forced to get them to keep quiet. =(

Hmmm... it's interesting lar. hopefully things will go well for me... and most importantly for my kids.

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