Monday, January 01, 2007

haiz wanted to blog yesterday but well after having my fair share of sleep all I want is to be a couch potato. watched so u think u can dance and little nicky after that... and du chang feng yun! nice show =)

let's start with new year eve. Last day of 2006... spend e day loitering aimlessly at home. and also trying to imagine how will my first day turn out. and my first day will be like... tml?! gasps. after that put on e red shirt which i wore for 2006 countdown at boonlay and went to suntec to meet my p sch mates. *excited* there's only shi han and yonghui but well of the 7 wonders we're the only girls. walked ard a bit and head straight for esplanade. it was only 7.30pm and the first firework display starts at 10pm but it doesnt seem to matter coz there were already loads of ppl there. watched the justbee and spore idol daphne live on stage... but we're watching the screen lar. not really the live perf on stage. talked and talked and then alex came.

ok so 10pm. started drizzling and we only saw a few sparks of fireworks. had no idea what's the problem and waited for a while before it started pouring. thank goodness yh and alex brought umbrellas. so the 4 of us silly ppl seeked shelter beneath 2 umbrellas while sitting and everyone around us was standing and walking/running away. hahaha super funny. after that i decided to go lest i won't be in time for xiu's countdown party. so they sent me off to e mrt station.

it was super crowded. super. i was like omg i'll nv go to such places for countdowns anymore! that was just too large a crowd for my liking. squeezed and stuck for abt 10mins and im outta e crowd coz anyways i'm not gg towards esplanade where all the action was. but honestly it's raining. i wonder if they know. haha.

kao waited for me at eunos and escorted me to xiu's place. it was quite ulu sia... ate at xiu's place and super funny coz when i reached everyone was super quiet and xiu's family was watching some wushu movie and it was just plain quiet. such a contrast with what i were in just now. i was kinda noisy and loud there coz i thought that was what a party shld be like. haha and 61ners got noiser too. yay! the guys were teasing me with e "miss wu" title. haiz... and xixi thinks that i cant manage teaching english! =( stupid xixi... i must show u! bleahs!

well when it's near countdown time only ning and i were excited... or rather trying to stir up e atmosphere. erps... haha quite funny. after the rounds of happy new years went upstairs to xiu's room. i love her room! and her wooden sword! mine is still at the back of dad's car. chatted and then it's present exchange time! hahas i bought a white piggie hp chain and it landed in xiu's hands! it's so cute lar. almost wanted to keep it. oh i got aaron's present... this glass photo frame thingy... v nice and special. thanks aaron! =) and lu's and ning's gift for exchange is seriously dots. neoprints of them in a box. really faints if i get that present. hahaha

walked to e mrt station and boarded the last train! and here i must apologize to tanwen. u shld have informed us earlier that u're coming to my hse coz my dad had to pick us up and the car was super packed with the 7 of us. yar talk abt packed. lu and ning sat in front, me xuet puppy brother and taRt at e back. waaa and my dad's car is not a 7 seater or wad so really crowded. thank goodness it's only a short distance away.

my hse! =) so fun! a lot of ppl! and mistletoe went really nuts for e night. so many ppl to play with her. neko was scared... super scared at the sight of so many giants and went into hiding. started playing monopoly at 3. we're super pro. played till 7 in e morning! and i din feel sleepy all the way! cool! first time! hahaha to be honest the game was boring initially but it got really exciting when taRt brother and i... hahahaha =) puppy and xuet bankrupt! hehe we're pro!

slept all e way to 11 plus hahas 4 hrs... eh ning pls u're not qualified to say im lazy coz u slept all e way from 3 to god knows when! ok u woke up occasionally lar but still... im more pro!

watched click finally. really nice movie. lu and ning cried. expected lar! adam sandler is great. =) qing v funny she actually came all e way to my hse coz she's bored. stayed a while and left with e others to ting's place to continue having fun. i went to buy some stuff lar. but e weather is really horrendous. super hot.

so that's my 1st jan. =) and sch reopens tml!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*squealing and squeaking with kao*

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