Friday, December 01, 2006
went watch mo gong ytd. not bad a movie... really not bad. v zheng4 han4. oh yar went vivo to watch it with 61ners... xi, puppy, hanbao, north, ning, qi, xuet and qing who joined ltr. bought my shoes!!! yay! but after dat realised... omg gjy wanted to buy e same pair but she din. both of us like so damn qiao lar... haiz now she needs to scout for new shoes... *sorry gjy*

den when i help ppl apply eye liner... i keep thinking of mo gong coz liquid eye liner is like mo den i felt like doing calligraphy on ppl's eye lids... hehe oops sorrie... im playful. =p

accompany qing go make contacts ltr... my qing will be a beautiful little gal on dat day. guys ah... be prepared!
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