Saturday, December 16, 2006
today sent di off to tekong... wah realli all e way to tekong lar. ning and i in shopping wear damn funny. e ppl think we're siblings. omg... siblings. hahaha stayed dere for 4 hrs plus but if e ship and e bus were faster i guess we can be faster. called off shopping and went walk ard w ning instead... at eastpoint. saw some nice stuff and wanna buy but no $ so decided to come back next wk. =)

on a lighter note, yy and i went to send peihan off to tekong today! omg craziness rite? all the way to pasir ris! but bo bian this kor i know for 3 years liao, have been such a great fren (HAHA U WUNT SEE THIS COS U'RE IN TEKONG MUAHAHA) and his family overseas noone to send him off... so yy and i went lor... and we were mistaken as his sisters! lol~ do we look like sibling? oh my wat a disaster~ lol... actually it was quite fun touring the campus lar.. at least will know wat u guys will be gg thru in the near future! btw, the boat ride to tekong is soooooo slow it's practically stationary =.='' quite gd environment i thought, haha tried the bed not bad so dun worry! pple who heard yy's cupboard story beware! there's this little wooden cupboard beside every bed! hohoho~ then the ceremony was quite boring, yy fell asleep.. the oath was funni! lol~ u'd know y when it's ur turn to read it out... and we were shown a video of ns life.. funni! they had singapore ns songs k? yy and i fainted. in the lyrics still got 'chicken feet' =0= kor seemed to be the onli one there without parents present, lucky we so kind go send him off, else he damn kelian! outside the audi they were standing in rows waiting to be picked up by their family member to go eat together... haha look like those human selling thing and u pick ur male maid and go. =P so went to test ns food. wah! supposedly western food is the best le and that was wat we ate but...~ horrible lar! so god bless u guys~ =P i suddenly feel so fortunate hurhur. so that's the end of my first trip to ns tekong campus!

-from ning's blog... im lazy.
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