Tuesday, December 26, 2006

merry christmas eve!

i would like to start my long awaited blog entry with this...
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let's go into that later.

christmas eve
well well... this christmas eve, spent it all lavishly with 61. great way to spend a special day with special ppl. gathered at raffless place first and *gasp* it was dead. the usual place busting with activity ceased for a rest this special season. so we had to get to marina bay for lunch. oh yar the list of 61ners who made it- xiu, lu, north, ning, rong, ting, qing, puppy, hoe, taRt, hanbao, brother, tanwen... xiu left after lunch, lu and north left after pool. And oh yar there's a new bus in addition to the usual 400 solo. 402. but we've no idea where it leads to... coz there's still only a bus to e steamboat area. anyway the usual adventurous us decided not to wait for the bus but head straight away on foot. we've lotsa time anyways. there were piles of dead leaves and twigs complete with moisture. it's disgusting. there were lotsa ants and wad-nots everywhere... YUCKS. i just loathe insects. *shivers*

finally we've reached the place and hanbao seeked for the nearest toliet (laughs). went arcade for a while and went for lunch. lu was fascinated by nintendo ds wario games haha paiseh not enough batt that day. shared a plate of choy gui tiao with ning and expectedly she piled all the veggies for me. *haiz* if i tell u that eating veggies will keep u awake (picked that up from latest Seventeen), will u try a bit?

went arcade after that (well no kites and the weather was not v horrible but still... not sunny) and played a few games. waaah that reaction game really... =( north is horribly great at this kinda stuff... he even won taRt when he came a while ltr. pro! otherwise... not v pro. hahaha okok eh... oh played e usual spot-e-diff game (the photo one was esp. challenging) with gals and my fav. hse of e dead w puppy... then watched e guys raced and played some other stuff. oh qing did an amazing (and amusing) parapara coz she forgot to bring present for exchange. it was really interesting. oh i've uploaded it. perhaps show at e end?

oh yar i finally braved myself to play pool. a buncha amateurs cum first-timers played an hr plus game. that is like super noob lar. but i think i was quite ok for a first-timer. quite like it. esp when e correct billard fell into e correct place. hahahas lu was pro man... i can understand why she doesnt dare to play. it's her umpteenth time playing and for e one and only time she played that day, she committed two mistakes straight away. real big noob i'd say! was laughing like mad. oops. i know she doesn't read blogs so... hahahahahahahaha

after tonnes of waiting we simply decided to go for dinner.... steamboat! which is the main cause of my usual flu (and sorethroat) now... *sighs* wad a price... more than 12 bucks eh? anyways brother decided to be nice (suddenly) and bought us drinks! haha thanks brother! then e cooking starts. let's see... (clockwise) me, qing, ning, puppy, hanbao, taRt, hoe, tw, brother, rong... and ting came v late to take over e place of puppy (waaah pay 1 for 2!). joked around and i realised we're spared of 7 wonders usual zhong ji mi ma (whew...) coz not much food left anyways. we're a buncha greedy famished ppl. oh and qing was funny. she said that taRt has eurasian blood... coz of his hair! stop denying qing! u dunno taRt dyed his hair right!

went walking in e tiniest drizzle to e riverside... some couples around there... we just resorted to somewhere couple-less. oh yar stopped along e way and went buy presents with ting. hahahas no forfeit! oh yar we played da feng chui there and it was FUN! absolute pure entertainment! din know that there're so many choices of forfeit. get creative here! firstly it was ning with her imitation of qing doing parapara, then ting kana with brother for the shout each other's name... run towards each other, hold hands and turn 3 rounds while lol, then hoe with tw and their stand-within-a-square-and-stared-at-each-other-cum-sticking-out-of-tongue. wah that one... if someone (like brother... i KNOW u wanted to) pushed them then that's it. oh and hanbao accumlated a double forfeit. he was to piggy back taRt and walk to e other side of e row while singing "mei mei bei zhe yang wa wa"... that was real smtg. and hanbao acted sissy and played hai dai with ning v loudly in the centre of nowhere. talk abt funny. oh ning kana thrice... wad a silly gal. after that it was all our forfeit. ting singing! first time see her so shy (stop acting!) hahas.

exchange gifts! i got lu's milk bottle and she got my ink pad, rong got a mug from north, hoe got a tiny christmas tree from rong, north got an IQ thingy from tw, taRt got ting's big bird key chain... i know there's another mug... oh ning got a belt from brother... then i dunno le. not v good memory.

oh yar THANKS CHARMS! the christmas present is simply sweet... thanks so much. love e scent bu she de use... =) mabbe for u! if u still want me... =( eh am i really getting another christmas gift? i mean post-christmas gift? hehe...

walked back to e mrt station coz apparently we missed the last bus and dad sounded murderous on phone. *wadeva* but that started me on a long scroll of complaints to ting... she's a great listener. thanks gal... and thanks ning too. ning has always been e one who takes it all... u're great... but of course i dun always say that. =)

ooo reached the station at 12 plus and whew i din miss the last train... in fact, think i got on e last train. thank goodness... others went brother's place for movie marathon. haiz how i wish... but it's not possible lar. i was damn awake that day and was sure that i can make it till dawn...

that's my happy christmas eve! =)

i started christmas with a low mood... read someone's msgs for me. and i realised i've not been a good friend for e 2 yrs and that someone actually decided to tell me only now... at e end of e 2 yrs. where i can do nothing to make up for my past mistakes. i may appear to be alert and sensitive but sometimes i'll miss some spots. i know that ning knows best when it comes to telling me wad changes my friend hopes to instill in me... but u nv said. till now... i'm really disappointed with u trying to take it all. solo. u shld have said earlier. if u dun say i'll nv know. u dun have to be afraid to say it all out although i can tell u that there's definitely some miscomm here and there. u lied to me as well... so that u take it all on ur own. do u understand me? i was at bottom of e pit at e start of christmas...
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