Tuesday, December 19, 2006
if we dun get her smtg better to do, im going mad.
im serious. no matter how great my tolerance is... once every few days is a no-no.
it's like more stress than in school
isn't that pathetic?
with a capital P?

on a lighter note, went back nygh to see laoshi ytd. met up with keke sheryl aundrea and jiexuan at KAP first... coz keke is super blur and got e timing wrong. (instead of 9 to 1 it's actually 1 to 4) that blur keke... but nvm lar it's great to have a small gathering like that. chatted a lot lar... drew a lot of nonsense on keke's book oso... hahaha nice art lor! =) bought cherries from cold storage and then went to visit laoshi le... we're punctual!

the supposedly taller ones are having pract today. u noe wad's e supposedly for? coz their taller ones are like... our yr shorter ones. really! haha sheryl and i lol when we heard that they are the taller ones. but nvm lar we've cute jnrs. laoshi chatted a lot with us... and she gave us sour plums to eat... i like sour plums. hahaha...

after that went food republic at wisma to have dinner with amelia and charms... and guess wad we saw colin. damn weird lar... ok yar... den after that we went home lor... some problem with city hall mrt coz the door cant seem to close properly and delayed quite some time at the place. in e end went tp and took bus home... wah so u think u can dance! taking bus home is a good one... =) can watch. for once im grateful for tv mobile.

thank you charms for my lovely sweet scented present! =) love ya! and u muz rem to spare some love for me k? dun all shower on other ppl. =p

gonna take buddy to recruit express ltr...

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