Thursday, December 07, 2006

time flies.

the long awaited hc prom "enchante" and 61 chalet all over in a jiffy.

perhaps a little too fast. a little too soon.

i really dun want to leave hc.

although i dislike mugging and being hardworking, i do enjoy being a student.

all of you ppl make me want to stay as a student.

i nv want to graduate.

but time forces ppl to grow.

to grow close..

and time forces ppl to leave.

to leave after they grow close...

we were just acquaintances.

then we were classmates.

who became friends.

and closer friends.

and closer... we are buddies now.

and hopefully we forever will be.

PROM: well got to ritz carlton a little too late coz din manage to find e place which was carefully (perhaps a little too careful) concealed within the forest of trees. last to reach there among 61ners damn paiseh lar... everyone looked so glamourous. kinda pitied the dishes of food and ppl on stage trying to entertain us coz it appeared that no one actually cares abt them. everyone was busy taking photos... regret that we've to leave earlier for chalet coz i think there're still quite some ppl that i've not taken photos with. haiz... but overall it was great fun. and
YES GJY IS MS BODY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! I KNEW U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!! and i love those photos that we took! damn funny. =) i love u gjy! and of course shiyan and all other dancers! keep on dancing and dancing and dancing till we drop.

CHALET: din manage to stay overnight for e first night coz the next day was my relief tchr interview. so was quite flustered coz i've nv gone for such an interview before but it all turned out considerably well. due to be a relief tchr i guess. =) oh after that went white sands to meet up with e guys coz they will be there to buy stuff for bbq. damn noisy lar they all. hahaha oops or am i e noisy one. den went back chalet w them. on e way went buy whisky with mei. bad choice lor... not nice one. taste like medicine. all mei's fault. nvm after that went wild wild wet... first time there! fun! real fun! long time since i last enter the waters. and woah first time see our class guys half naked hahaha they're damn fair lar except for mei. i like e slide down one and e yakult one. hahaha coz I think it's damn funny lar. and exciting! or perhaps... it's coz i'm with u all. =) and omg my face turned red! got a bit of sunburnt! ah!!! bleahx. night is bbq... tried to start e fire for an hr plus lar. until damn jia lat. tried adding margarine and diff formations with charcoal still cmi. in e end asked jnrs for help. they at e country club there... those richies. jnrs damn fast with their job lor. by e time we were famished and quickly cooked all those stuff... tidied up went upstairs played cards watched tv slacked around. lizhe taught us a touch nose game v fun lor! hahaha i like that. and ty kp winning for a round man... it's crazy. oh played dai dee and it was damn fun man coz i kp on turning out to be king/queen and ting and lu competed for asshole positions. damn funny. dat time played with dancers kept e role of king lor. damn pro sia. lucky lucky~ den when wanted to sleep they say ghost stories time so that kept me awake. damn cool. off lights onli kept e guys' toliet area lit. heard a lot of stories. some real cool ones. and xi went out alone to buy meal from macs at 3am plus? yong qi ke jia. =) went sleep for an hr plus den woke up coz it's too hot! someone off the aircon! too hot. den realised xm tart and ning all nv sleep. ning was squeezed in e corner by rong and ting den cannot sleep. so we played a few rounds of dai dee lor... den more and more ppl woke up... den got some space so went back sleep. woke up, packed, checked out, put stuff at jnrs' place, den went cycling. den went white sands for lunch... den home and fell into trance. hahaha too tired.

missing 61.

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