Monday, November 20, 2006



early in the morning i was telling you about the temp. job xuet offered. and you replied with a bunch of things. must let you understand every single detail. why don't you get it? if it's dangerous or anything my friend will never tell us about it, needless to say get us involved. i was really bored and lazy to retort you. it's just the morning and i've just woken up really. and i love you. i don't want you to feel that you've totally no hold over your girl now.

but this is too much.

i am 18 going 19 mind you. and you actually locked me home when you went to the market. kao came back and i tried to find the bunch of keys which should be lying around if you haven't took it away. kao was irritated and said that i'm like neko. he went off as i don't even have the power to open the door of the house.

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