Friday, October 13, 2006



He said that before we did our "yam seng" shouts/screams/pure havoc. After he said that, I really felt like tearing. I can't believe that such touching words were coming out of North's mouth. Really surprised me. Pleasant surprise. Well I managed to control the uprising emotions and continued to have fun.

I nv want to forget this day. And I nv will.

Let's start with the early morning.

This is our last assembly. The last time we'll be involved in a formal assembly in hc... with J1s and J2s and all teachers present. And I din bring my camera along. Saw Hongli with a camera though... but dun wanna disrupt her. Last time together with so many ppl, we turned around (back facing bridge) to sing the national anthem and say our pledge. Last announcements (although I really dislike the long draggy process...) and last keluar baris. Xiaoyou and Leng approached and told me smtg. They've been able to hear my singing and saying of pledge for e past 2 yrs. I'm so sure that it must be Qing and not me lor. Qing always sings aloud. Anyway Xiaoyou was the one who say that our class tee is stupid. 61! I dun mind u all hooting her!!!

To me, 61 is really special. And really important to me.

Changed into our class tees and took photos in central plaza. Some idiots like lu, ting, ty, xm, xi either forgot to bring their class tees or simply refuse blatantly to change into theirs (TY AND XM!) guilty? yes u must be >.<>

Started passing the papers around. U noe, wad we did for 1st 3 mths. Everyone passes their own papers around for ppl to write comments abt that person. Be it nonsense, bo liao, zhen xin hua, fei fu zhi yan or simply zhen xin de zhu fu. After that went LT2 for fac meeting. And omg Ms Jac. Yeo actually called up the fac members one by one to receieve some cert from her and we're supposed to stand on the platform and she'll read out a speech abt us. Super paiseh lar thank goodness there's Rachel to accompany me. We actually felt like we were being punished T.T Anyway I still think that well, I din make a wrong decision abt entering fac comm. I did learnt a lot and gained experience.

So once again, mark xuehui hongli(buddy!) bernard ivan qiqian youjin rachel, thank you. And jia you for everything. =) We all will do well for As. *large grin*

After that went pay a visit to the milo van (Qing's fav... free mah) and saw the juniors' performance. Oh btw today is last day for J2s as well as Open House 2006. Great way to end. Went walking around the school visiting the booths and really felt that Chinese Dance souvenirs are the best. =) well done juniors! and pls smile when u're dancing my dears. SMILE!

Went look for 61 after that and they were in a 3rd floor classroom. Continue writing comments on those coloured papers... And came out to watch performance again. To end off the frenzy, we had mass dance! initially I was feeling so hot that I just want to stay in the classroom and enjoy the coolness... BUT the passion is still in me! So went down to join in the fun! Danced with brother and my princess. Din manage to hit brother's hand for Open close Open close dance.
=( too tall lar. or is it that I dun have enough trng? >.<>

THE FOOD IS HERE!!! Omg finally those stingy guys who won 2000 bucks for eco race are willing to treat us. KFC and pizza hut. More than enough food for everyone. Really very full afer that. Oh yar we celebrated the last 5 ppl's birthdays and it's really crazy to sing e happy birthday songs (both chi and eng) for 5 ppl CONTINOUSLY. hahahas. Oh they bought root beers too. That's when we hold the cans with "MUG" imprinted and did our 3 "yam sengs" and when North said that... Quote of the Day I'll say.

Took a whole lot of photos and we stayed till the moment they did the 2nd mass dance session. Dance with XM my mei. He's damn idiotic lar hahaha. Super idiot. But nvm ur Oh pa understands. =) stay happy mei. dun think too much like ur Oh pa sometimes do. hehz. After all the fun I'm really tired. And Qinghua even asked wad happened that made me so sad. I just said that I'm tired. And I really am.

Overwhelming with emotions.

The last day.

I teared after I got on to Dad's car. Is it coz I'm too tired? Or is it coz it's the last day?

I dunno. I am not even willing to let it be a last day. I want to stay in HC, with 61, for a longer time.

61 is really unique.

Kao said that he can see that I'm very strongly bonded to 61, and that I was not so close with NYGH and TPS.

And I said yar.

There's smtg abt 61 that attracts me. Is it coz we're of a weird combi (with 19 LEPers and 5 Econs)? Is it coz we're chinese inclined? Is it coz we've survived a tumultuous friendship which was being put on a roller coaster ride?

Perhaps. Perhaps.

Now i know why today is Friday the 13th. Because we're leaving 61. leaving HC...

All the best in your future journeys. May 61 be in ur heart forever and ever and ever...
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