Sunday, October 08, 2006

MAF and HC MAF celeb =)

yay! finally a title for my blog entry.

e day b4 was e real maf... if any of u din notice. went home earlier for steamboat. and i love steamboats. e weather was terrible... psi was like around 80? e air con seemed to be malfunctioning even though we knew dat it's on. ate until damn full. den sat on e couch till 12am plus. from around 8pm onwards. nv do anything again. yay. Jay Chou's zhi zuo te ji glued me to e tv. watched cctv china's maf celeb after dat... it was good. and funny (in our way). but i would have loved to watch taiwan's maf celeb. oh yar btw we watched cctv's advertisements after e maf celeb prog. wah laughed like siao.

back. =)

ytd afternoon e psi reach an all time high at 130 and i was quite shocked lar. north msged me. his ma dun allow him to go for maf coz he's sensitive to e pollution. hello mr policeman? need to get used to it man. charms' mum doesnt allow her to go to. =( so i was thinking dat e turn up for maf wont be dat good afterall coz of e haze. shld have spent more time studying den to worry in vain. =)

changed into our new 61 class tee! gals blue guys pink. cute right? hahaha mine was big... and mum said dat i looked like a cleaner. wadeva. rushed to hc saw brother and all going for dinner but i was late for meet up with dancers so din go with them.

WELL DONE JUNIORS! ok lar there's room for improvement really... do jia you and practise more... erm if u gals are doing e dance again for CIP etc. next yr is e real big thing. SYF. do HC proud by securing Gold with Honours. we know dat u can do it.

and Kaishi. *pats* next time be careful k silly dear. get well soon and start doing ur pretty dance. =)

went to join 61ners at e third floor after giving juniors chocs and accompanying them a while after their perf. hahaha a cloud of pale pink and blue. =) FUN! qing got high after a while. i think she studied too much lar. went downstairs to catch e light up. this yr's light up is honestly not as good as last yr's. the "yue4" word is not as fascinating and pretty as last yr's "gu4 xiang1". and the lightings displaying e cycle of a moon is not comparable to last yr's stars (mark's "baby" as he proudly declared last yr). e lanterns are quite pretty. i like e one with butterflies.

ning arrived all dressed-up! like a doll! pretty doll! =) juz a tiara and she'll be complete as a princess. =D so extra though. dat's why she dragged me along to change.

dis yr was more fun den last yr!!! played with sparklers on e field. really a great tool for creating wonderful art pieces. e photos are so pretty! although some are really erm abstract. hahahaha. after dat was our fav. singing and dancing session. yayness! although some of e songs i dunno how to sing, so wad? as long as we've fun! qing was in e centre of e circle for almost all songs coz she noe how to sing all of them. g4 was pushed in for "home" i've no idea why but well it's fun. particularly when we're bhb. but rong v shy le. comparatively i mean. haha we are so bhb. dis time round danced with xi den changed partner danced with puppy. haiz... is dis our last mass dance tgt? haiz. when we were singing xi shui chang liu and chang yi shou hua chu de ge... i looked at everyone and really hoped dat dis moment will nv end. after mass dance council did speedy gonzales (dunno e spelling) and qing and i paired up and copied movements. ok lar~ haha fun!

took lotsa photos! anyway ended off with a nightwalk over to chi high side and their theatre there. i've nv walked such a distance in hc compound b4. interesting. hanbao was telling us some ghost stories of tchs which was ok lar not v convincing. must be coz it's him. sang songs all e way and ning kept on removing and putting on her high heels. -.- haha smart gal.

uploading photos now. gonna take a v long time we took 88 photos all together. oh plus smtg i added. =) 89.

hms shall go and find neko now. b4 i go...

i love 61.

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