Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Kao came in with a grave look on his face.

Although i wasn't wearing specs at that time, I knew something was wrong.

He told me that his army friend suffered a fall while he was helping his other friend to remove load from somewhere.

He paid a heavy price for this.

He was declared braindead and was sent to ICU.

Kao went to visit him yesterday with some of his friends. He said that his friend's face was bloated and his eyes couldn't close and that the doctors and nurses have to put tape to force his eyes close so that they will not dry up. He only breathes when the life support machine pumps air into his lungs. His organs are deteriorating.

To put in simply, he is a real life specimen of living dead.

His soul was lost with his fall. All that was left is an empty shell which we believed is alive, biologically alive.

After a week of praying in vain for miracles, his parents decided to remove the life support machine tonight, at 10.00pm.

He is a father of two young children at 3 and 6 respectively. A happy family.

Was a happy family.

Kao saw his friend's mother at the ICU yesterday. She was still smiling and joking with them, reminiscing how well her son was at golf, how well he was with parenting... During the process, she kept repeating that her son has such long ear lopes (some believe that people with long ear lopes are 'blessed' with longevity) and it is quite impossible for him to leave now.

A strong facade. A false front.

Words diminish it all.

Nobody wants to believe that death is the only way out. But some are forced to believe so.

Kao paused. I know that the emotional him was on the brink of tears.

Because even as a listener, I felt like tearing.

We're not on TV now. We're living in the real world. And this is the real world.

Kao said that his friend had attended 2 to 3 funerals of those who were just about to begin another phase of life. Young people still bursting with energy. Died from sudden heart attack, died while diving, died in car accident.

Death. So spontaneous. So unexpected. So unpredictable. So sudden.

Life. A fragile yet precious piece. Not handled with care, peril is the music to be faced.

Treasure your life. Treasure your loved ones.

Never falter/be stingy with the 3 precious words--- "I love you" if you really love that person lest you'll never have a chance to let him/her hear it again. Or simply hug/kiss your loved one. They will understand.

This is really not a nice way to end off a day.

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