Saturday, October 21, 2006
It's like taking a ride on a time machine.

1984 TVB anniversary.

2006 TVB anniversary.

Then, we enjoyed xing shi zhen ji dang an.

Now, we find the pacing of it too slow to be acceptable.

Constant. Factor. We're the factor. We've lost our patience and quicken our pace.

For what?

Last time Punggol Restaurant was beside the sea.

Now it's behind RGS primary. Among the rich and wealthy.

Last time the silly me used to attempt to pick up seeham shells from the ground, thinking that they're really seashells (uncooked seashells...)

Now the place doesn't sell seeham.

Dad used to be 36 when I was born.

Now he's 54.

Time flies.

We're forced to accept the truth... and flows with it.

Regardless how aimless one is feeling
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