Tuesday, September 19, 2006
din manage to follow my plans and go out to play today. was feeling quite sick and went home to sleep for few hours. finally i can skip e process of setting alarm and feeling e guilt of ignoring it.

had a weird dream...

Enqi and I went to East Coast amusement park (wad do u call dat place? it's been such a long time since i last went... forgotten everything) and decided to buy e tickets... although dat time was around 2pm (e time i left ning they all today) and I promised mum to be back home at around 4pm (which is also the time i promised mum to be back home today). each ticket was $12.20 (which is very un-true as in my memories when i was awake of course it costs much more den dat... esp for adults). after dat enqi received a call, i waited for her and was not surprised at all to see that qing came back after a call, in place of enqi. it was raining den but we still went to queue up for a roller coaster ride. but e ride b4 us broke down and we were glad dat we weren't on dat ride. den after we went home each of us received an apology letter from e amusement park, asking us to claim a refund of $5.90 from IMM (i've no idea why... perhaps because IMM and IMF is juz a letter apart). and so my dad accompanied me back to e amusement park.

-the end-

Hey i din crap up the figures. they appeared so significantly in my dreams dat i juz cant ignore them. really! and how come enqi becomes qing? dun ask me.

oh oh dere' s another one. I dreamt of ning and i going shopping (smtg very likely to happen), somewhere near Bugis area. But I've no idea why the area around Bugis is like e streets of... Hong Kong? or Taiwan. Very weird. And we lost each other half way. I decided to go to e place opposite Bugis to shop (and gosh ignore my little princess?!). Saw shiyan dere and walked together. Ning called to say it's raining at Bugis and asked where I am and was angry dat I din call her at all. >.<

-the end-

dat dream was ytd i think... and dun worry coz anything that appears in my dreams will not happen. hahaha. ning dun worry k? and nope we wont get a faulty ride because singapore amusement park is vvv safe. =D

slacky slack days. =) yay........

but well... dere's still As.


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