Saturday, September 30, 2006

another 7 wonders outing

finally after a long weary period of waiting, 7 wonders had an outing.
but gy is absent. =(
anyways we went to TM cafe cartel for dinner. v ex lar haha but well once in a while. at first it was weird. can kinda feel e slightly tense atmosphere as we've not met each other for quite some time. but hey, we're 7 wonders nevertheless. =D so all was fine after a while.
phil was really crazy today. tok a lot. on e contrary yh is kinda quiet today. must be mug too much in e day. and others are as always.
we always gather around at e foot of e TM escalator, thinking of where to go and wad to do next. it's really fun. dat has become our tradition.
was wondering if we shld go for a movie but decided against it coz pk has 70 cents left phil unknown alex 0. hahaha poor ppl. so we went starbucks, found a table with an empty cup, and sit down. surprisingly no one finds us suspicious. 6 ppl sharing a cup of drink? nice one.
chatted all e way till 11.00pm. juz came back. hehe although dere may be times when we were at a loss of wad to say, but i dun feel uncomfortable at all. it's not dat kind of cold hard tension but a warm pleasing pause, which is really transient.
i guess dat's wad happen for us who've been great friends for 10 yrs and still counting.
i really appreciate these friendships.
i know we all do.
dun ask me how, i just know.
let's take a photo next time. =)
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