Thursday, August 03, 2006
we spent almost an hour eating a big fat watermelon after dinner today!

super cool! it's like scooping ice cream... but much healthier choice! =)

mum simply cut it into half and we dived in using metal spoons. really fun!

i want to do smtg... but i need time for that and i wonder how long i'll take. sighz.

voting someone for ms congeniality. =)

spent a great deal of time searching for my remaining cds and updating my pathetically empty iTunes library. =( it's so troublesome. hate hate hate.

but im glad that they've information on Jiu Jian laoshi's cd. =) he has a really nice voice.

i must cut down on my intake of chocs!!!!

qi yue ge tai started... just on e field outside my flat... =( boisterous. out of tune. horrendous singing. but we'll have to endure it. it's our culture.

xiaoyou learnt first verse of man jiang hong today.

and whole class of 65 going for prom nite lar!

but 61 is cool too. =)


I dreamt of Apple singing in front of e class.

cute act-shy look.

then after her is TY's turn.

and TY sang quite well (reliability yet to be determined)

someone wants to sponsor TY's prom funds? hahahahaha~

such a random post.

i'm bored.

off to drink milk and pia Tea Hse which I havent touched yet.

*psss..... white chocs really better meh?*
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