Tuesday, August 08, 2006
e very last time we're having national day celeb in school. in hc. with 61.

8/8/06 everything was fine. great. we all wore SMRT tee shirt (coz they're red) except for Xi who wore maroon. xtra lor. den watched e hc parade. 3 ppl not feeling well. NPCC most qiang. no one fell. after dat went hall and found ourselves some place to zi high. watched a band concert. after dat when i asked then i knew dat he took just 2 days to learn e song "tong hua". he's a caucasian! amazing. and his pronounciation is really good. his eyes are so pretty blue! =) after dat watched the fac competition. ARTEMIS ROCKS ALL THE WAY! really our jnrs are good. enthu funny thick-skinned. u name it. which is why they put up such a great perf. really connected with e audience not like wad e other facs did (esp Ares and Apollo... we all thought they were quite sian). haha Audry meiling they all danced and KK was spotted crossing the stage with a signboard saying "SENTOSA". damn funny lar. And of course in e end we WON! Best costume best storyline best overall. BEST! yayness! And i think they shld have given e best actor to us. but well *shrugs* nvm lar nvm let u all have it. hehe

erps. oh. singing. hahaha as usual. 61 formed a circle and we zi high. everyone gets rather crazy. qing and ning in particular. siao siao one. and Xi tried to be patriotic with dat spore flag. haha funny. shld have taken dat photo. aiya wasted. =( after dat went to eat steamboat at AMK. good lobang sia. 9.90 bucks per person. and Qing paid 5.90 for me coz previously she lost in e bet abt her LEP BT2 results. hehz. Ate for vvv long. shared a porridge di3 guo1 with apple brother and north. and koped some of qing ning xuet and qi's. =) and to end off we ate super lots of veggies (eeeewks by ning). e veggies are really super nice after we cooked them in e soup. went sportslink to huang4 huang4 after dat where we played with smtg... some equipment u'll find in gymnasium. dunno wad's it called though. but im surprised by my strength. =)

went suntec after dat lo.... coz we need to go times to spend our 100 bucks voucher. i think we spent like 2 plus hrs in there lar. trying to find books we want to buy. in e end still end up buying e 50 facts book (for puppy and me), i bought a john grisham's book, qing bought a code breaking bk which i think she'll take her whole life trying to solve half of it, and hanbao bought a 1421 book. eh ppl circulate after As lar! =) paiseh le ning and xuet nv get to accompany u all shop. sure u all miss me a lot. =D next time make it up.

haiz slacked for whole day lar. v shuang. but v jia lat. Ji sian. go drink milk liao.

today is 15th nong li.

May we enjoy peace and harmony.
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