Thursday, August 17, 2006
11th Aug
went to watch fireworks at esplanade with 61. over half a class went. really cool. chatted with bro ting and apple b4 gg to reading room and ask bro phy qns. den 5.30pm ning they all came to jie1 us for dinner. Xi was like a tour guide, offering us options of wad we can do. hahaha anyway we bought takeaways and went to find a nice venue at e super crowded esplanade area to watch fireworks. oh yar during our q-ing for BK, hanbao asked e stupid 5 stars arising thing. wad Mushroom sauce etc. bleah BK advertisement lar. idiot. anyway we reached at... 7.45pm? and started eating. den chatted and played till 9.00pm when e fireworks started. it's so beautiful. e transient. e ephermal. u must really be there at e scene to witness e bare beauty of it. really din regret at all. and am vvv happy dat mum allowed me to go. =)

12th Aug
went shooting at e bukit timah range. Ting's family members all there. a lot of them. anyway clay shooting is really damn fun! also damn ex lar. each shot costs 80 cents. *shrugs* but sch subsidised us for that and each of us had 24 shots. according to coach each shot has 300 bullets and e shot is effective within 40m. e recoil effect is big. but dat's wad makes it so fun. hehe and e gun is 3kg+ Real glad dat i signed up for it. i love shooting!!! AH!!! e coach said dat my reaction is fast. can be seen from e random clay shooting thing. at e same time can see dat i cant aim properly. -_- puppy damn qiang shot 7 out of 12 for random shooting. Me? 1.

hms... nothing much le ba? dis week is finally gonna be over! =) horrible wk!
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