Monday, July 24, 2006

SMRT Challenge 2006

Yesterday was the long-awaited day... SMRT Challenge 2006.

We gathered under the big red balloon and were all very excited abt the challenge. Or shld I say, just the girls? haha ok mabbe junyi was just trying to hide his feelings. Then we registered at the Student A Category booth (which is yellow) and get our no. tags (SA-039) which are also yellow. Ok out of point. Saw brother's team while queing up to take photo with erm Captain Smart (well... the mascot for SMRT) then after that saw Hanbao's team. I honestly think that we're the most excited and enthu grp among the three 61 teams of HCI. haha damn funny.

Before the Challenge, some instructors from California Fitness led us into a series of kickboxing taiji and wadnots workout. It is quite amusing, I guess we just dunno how to appreciate them though and made a big laugh out of it all. Xi and North was really funny when they attempted the kickboxing stunts. And basically I think brother shldn't kick coz his legs are too long and will kick everyone in such a cramp area. Qing ning and apple kept attacking me (or so they tried to) dunno why lar. Am I that nice as a target? ='(

Open category started off first and 10 min later it's our turn. We decided to go in front of the Chanel shop to discuss and plan our strategy. So we were waiting for junyi to return from his retrieval of clues and in e end he came back with a yellow balloon... with clues inside. Spent a while trying to dig out the clues and gathered around solving clues randomly...

1. I am a haven for the large metal dragons to come for rest and maintenance.
2. I am 7.8km and am no.6 in the line.
3. A place of arts. (xy)Sultan Road is the place you shld seek. y is a prime no. btw 14 and 18. (4x-y) to e power of 2= 9.
4. Martians sighted in the East. Alight here to battle them!
5. A central place is where you seek, a place for youth to meet and play. Anagram: Red- Hat- Parks Croak
6. Old Mr Lee oversees this place. 'Call' and look for 537735 Towers.
7. Of the 2 places where the logo can be found, I am the one flanked by financial giants. (the logo is the red and black cross. Xchange logo)
8. Locate the NEWater plant.

Well i dun really rem the exact words and phrasing for the clues but around there lar... my memory is not that bad afterall! haha shall put it to use in the correct fields. Anw we figured out Bishan (1) (me!), Bugis (3) (me!), Raffles place (7) (me!) [hmm getting a lil ego there...] and Tanjong Pagar(6) and Tanah Merah(8). we spent most of the time on 2, 4 and 5. For 2, qing said that it's definitely dhoby ghaut and we realised that every stations are like cramped in the central and east area but we did not care. I can't stop thinking that Expo is the ans for clue 4 but I just can't think of the reasons to my ans but we concluded that there's no harm trying for Expo and Changi Airport line. Clue 5 was the toughest. Ning figured out Orchard but dunno abt the rest.

After 10 min, we decided to forsake the confirmation process and headed straight for Bugis, our first station. It was horrendous. 85 Sultan Road was far far away from Bugis MRT station and we ran all the way there while referring to the big and heavy Street Directory. Ning almost cmi and we finally reached the place. The station masters asked us to put on sarongs and handed us a chapteh. This is where we died-ed. Ning and I are bad with chaptehs, for the mere reason that we've nv played the game b4. Each of us was supposed to kick the chapteh thrice in a row. Junyi managed w/o any fuss, Qing managed with the help of her sarong which helped suspended the chapteh for a while... and I managed in a state of complete frustration and irritation while Ning managed under pressure. After that they asked for us to design a poster which promotes safety and courtesy and Qing rose to the occasion and flaunt her drawing skills with a guy giving up his seat to an old lady. The station master commented that her drawing was e best so far.
*btw, we're e 2nd grp to reach the station. Brother's group was 1st and another team was 3rd but obviously they finished kicking chapteh b4 us*

Rushed all the way to the 2nd station. I was really silly to ask them to alight at Kembangan coz I saw one team boarding the MRT from the stop. Damn paiseh when I realised I made a blunder. That group alighted at the wrong stop. -_- and anyway after that we alighted at Tenah Merah and waited for the shuttle bus to NEWater plant. It was a 20 min wait and while waiting we tried to solve the remaining clues and attempt to mislead other groups, which was damn funny. We commented rather loudly that "metal dragons" of the 1st clue and the LRT station Phoenix match as a couple, and said that it must be the answer to the clue. Hahaha Qing was damn funny. I dun find her convincing at all. Off to the NEWater plant~ Qing was thinking of running all e way to Expo from the plant but that was a crazy idea for it was really too far. Anyway we arrived safe and sound at the plant and until then, no one was hurt. After that I was blind folded and my team members gave verbal directions as to where to go. qing ning junyi almost all commented at the same time and made me rather nervous so I asked for only one voice. And Qing made me knock into the stand carrying the comp screen. 2nd time in less than a day's time, almost same location above my waist. jia lat. This is where one of the station masters called a tomato a potato, and where I know that Qing and Ning actually thought that industrial water is clean water used for industrial purposes. After that we ran outside to "take a taxi"... like a demo and act-out. 1st thing 1st when u get into a taxi, fasten ur seat belts. Then, tell the driver ur desired location. Lastly, voice ur preferred route. Damn easy task as compared to the Bugis one.

Waited for another 20 min for the shuttle bus back to Tanah Merah MRT station then this nice uncle gave us merit at the gate (yayness). Along the way to Expo, I suddenly realised that Expo IS the station that we're suppose to go! And I finally found the reason! The external view of Expo MRT station looks like a spaceship! So that explains the Martians part! Was damn glad that I figured it out... even though it's at the very last min! =) Played a hold-a-tennis-ball-btw-ur-foreheads game here and rushed to do the crossword puzzle. Qing damn funny. She was quite anxious I guess, which was why she blurted out the 1st thing that came to her mind when we saw this "pls do not b____ the escalator path"--------- Bounce. We were laughing while Ning wrote the correct ans which is? Come everyone repeat after me, Block. Not bounce coz we're not balls or anything along that line.

Took a taxi from there to Bishan and ran around Bishan MRT station for 10 min and realised that we're supposed to wait for a shuttle bus which will bring us inside the Bishan "haven" for MRTs. It was cool. Very cool inside. Well not literally. It was an eye-opener. Definitely. I'm glad that we got e MRT challenge instead of the bus challenge although we'll get through the bus challenge much faster and probably get onto the same shuttle bus which brought us there. We saw a stationary MRT which is split open in the centre like a dissected snake. The air-con inside was damn cooling, and I meant that literally. Ran all the way to e end and the stat. masters ask Junyi to open the emergency door. Interesting coz we get to see the driver's cabin which we've nv seen b4. Feeling damn happy (oso dunno why) we ran and get off the MRT (with Junyi's kind reminders not to jump off the train) and to wait for the shuttle bus. Drank iced milo during the waiting time. Heh. On the way back to the MRT stat, this group of guys asked us for some clues for they lost theirs so I read it out to them. They've cleared 3 stations then and we've done 4. Anyway we split at the MRT stat as they boarded e train heading towards Jurong East direction.

It was then we realised our huge mistake. The ans to clue no. 2 is not Dhoby Ghaut but Bukit Panjang LRT station! And we've exhausted our chance of taking a cab. Was quite dejected at that point of time but we decided to clear the few closer stations and letting the LRT station be our last stop.

To be continued...

ok finally my comp can work but ALL MY STUFF ARE GONE so is resetting everything now. real frustrated and exhausted. went all ard bukit timah with dad today coz he needs to deliver smtg to ppl. 2.30 released 4.30 reach home... =(

Ok so we headed for Orchard Skate Parks which ning worked out finally. Initially we were thinking that they'll ask us to skate hahaha so ridiculous. Anyway they asked us to come up with a poem. Forgot wad we did le... info anyone? And after that for physical challenge Qing dribbled the ball zig-zag through the cones. The station masters were v friendly here. =)

Straight for Raffles Place and Qing that blur idiot still say that she had nv seen that sign b4 and kept asking if I'm right. I was super confident of myself lor idiot. And we went scouting together lar! I'm so glad that u did not do the scouting alone man... otherwise we might have a high chance of being awestruck by this clue. Oh... anyway reached there and did shuttle run first... den did some 123 thingy (mrt door closing signal)... den answer some qn abt SMRT... den off we go to Tanjong Pagar.

Ok reached there... did the safety rules and regulations of SMRT with the help of SMRT pamphlet... Then followed the crowd (hehz) to Keppel Towers... where one of the team members had to do rock-climbing. I did it before for sec3 obs and was quite ok with it since I managed to reach the top... But that's my 1st and only time doing it. Well 2nd time dedicated to this! I really like rock climbing lar... so slow and steady here i go. Was quite slow but I was trying to steady myself lar... Touched the red cross on top and shouted SMRT CHALLENGE. bleahs came down and became ning's new hero. hahaha ran all e way back to the MRT station and off we go... last stop.

aha... so we took the MRT train to Choa Chu Kang MRT station. And on the train we saw this daddy and little baby girl in pram who're both wearing red and I was like perhaps they will give us merit/dismerit? (lame lar... coz the SMRT volunteers and station masters are all in red on that day) ok and we estimated the shortest time to reach the destination for the entire race... if no blunders are made... the shortest possible time is abt... 3 hrs 45 min. And we're damn slow liao lar... was ard 5hrs plus then? haiz chances are slim. But still we rushed for the LRT when we reached CCK and Junyi was damn excited that the other grp who alighted at the same time as us did not manage to board the same LRT. Saw Ning's big sis on the train and I thought it's quite qiao3. haha bleah sry le we cannot treat u liao not enough money. broke~

Reached last station and Junyi did 5 skipping while Ning threw the die and get a 3 as the die landed on my foot. So we're suppose to search the LRT station for sticker no. 3, which was some emergency button thingy that u press and call for assistance shld the need arises. Then we ran all e way to the bus interchange and grabbed some bread and water from Qing. Just as we finished, bus 700 came. Ning ji pro lar... but she stays in that area mah. haha we were lucky to have the bus so quickly. So on the bus we were resting as much as we could and well, getting rather excited at the same time. We were prepared to dash all e way to the end point.

Alighted, DASHED. Brush across and through the crowd, we ran like crazy and came in 15. Were rather disappointed though expected as well coz of our blunders. Saw Brother's grp which arrived and were munching on Old Chang Kee yam puff... They came in 7. So we thought we've lost chances of coming in as top 10. Hanbao's group came in 23... We walked ard taka a while and came up to wait for the results.

Honestly we were shocked to hear that we came in as 7 and Brother's grp 8. Our merits and Qing's thickskin technique did the job and brought us all e way from 15 to 7. We were so happy I think the whole world thinks that we're crazy. hahaha but nvm wad u all think, we're just happy. =)

61ners off we went to Lucky Plaza to sell our phones (sony ericsson J100i)... Went to all the shops and highest price they gave us... 65 bucks. So in e end 6 of us sold the phones and Hanbao brought us to Star Jnrs (smtg liddat i can't rem) to eat Hanbao. The hanbao damn big lar (though not as large as the 61 hanbao). Gave Qing half of mine and Ning gave her half of hers and she ate 1 burger altogether. shld have shared with Ning. Bleah. Qing drank alcohol again. 5% only and she got damn red and started reciting Tea Hse... OCG will love her drunked self.

Chatted and gossiped all e way till 9 plus 10 and headed home. It was a really cool day and am quite satisfied with everything. =)

joining next yr? *grins*

(anyway junyi sold his phone to PC who just lost his pretty nokia phone for 65 bucks and qing is gonna sell hers to Ting at 65 bucks too... wad's e diff? hahahaha sillies~)

yay I din do anything today... again


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