Saturday, July 01, 2006

NY fun fair 2006

NY fun fair 2006!

well the 3 of us (xuet ning and i) who are the ones not afraid of failures and/or tests (or is it coz we've accepted the fact and kan4 po4 already?) went NY funfair... From 10.45am plus to 2.00pm. Had great fun with them and saw a lot of jnrs and friends.

Here I must apologize to 409 ppl... sorry le abandoned u all coz i need to accompany my friends. really paiseh. next time we'll have a gathering again k? ^_^

Helped lao shi tend her stall and sold quite a lot of stuff. Worked with KEKE and JIEXUAN and my darling CHARMS! haha seeing her tml too coz she continuing dance and im so damn happy! Somehow weird to see lao shi out of dance studio and not in lian4 gong1 fu2... hehz.

super tired... fell asleep when i reached home... juz liddat.

And today is soooo damn it hot...

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