Thursday, July 13, 2006

my friend


Life doesn't always go where u want it to be. The world doesn't rotate around u, and it won't change its direction of rotation just for u. The lights shining on the stage do not always stay lit. Sometimes, the stage is brought to a total darkness. The next moment, it may be showered with rainbow colours. The dance goes on. Life goes on. In fact, without these kinks in our lives, I won't call it life.

Because life's like that.

I used to be like u. Thinking too much, bringing occasional despairs to my life. I rem u praised me before, that I'm a social butterfly and can communicate well with almost everyone. But u can never imagine how I used to be like. At a loss for words, keeping to myself, caring abt no one but myself and everything abt me. U may think that I'm joking, but I'm not. I used to care a lot abt academics and striving to be top for everything and will get highly annoyed if I don't get what I want. Little did I know I missed out many things, things that are more important than the things that I've been blindly pursuing.

I wonder what changes me. Maybe it's because of the change in environment? JC1 definitely marks a big change in my life. I'm finally out of a certain dance group that I've been in for 10 over yrs and stepping into a jc (mixed enviro after 4 yrs).

I can't say that I understand everything abt u fully, but I always try my best. Give it a chance my dear, anything that bothers u. Share. Ur suffering shall drown itself in loads of nonsensical blabber and singing and walking in e rain and amidst bubbles and hk serials and wild dancing (if u want) or all sorts of unexpected random things.

love u
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