Thursday, July 20, 2006
if a particular, let's say cca, doesn't even appreciate your presence, do you think you shld even attend any of its meetings etc?

i really wonder if i've made a right decision to join you ppl. that fateful night, when cher called for help. i joined coz i wanted to like "save" the cca and its ppl. appreciation? eh-huh. when they didn't even bother to inform you that the meeting place has been changed?

*crumples*.... *throws*

I feel that small disappointments are inevitable and one shldn't be so bothered by them, for we learn from disappointments and learn how to avoid them. I understand that perhaps the most impt thing in one's life is academics and failure to reach own's expectations may be a great let down in life but somehow I dislike it if one is too caught up with it.

I always believe in standing up after one falls.

*crumples*.... *throws*

Sometimes I wonder if wo3 hen3 hui4 zui4 ren2 or am I a little hypocritical... The pure and innocent one is u.

*crumples*.... *throws*

Smrt challenge 2006! Am looking forward to this sunday. Sounds like a day full of fun and excitement. After that then must full-speed mug liao. But there's still MAF and Class Tee to look forward to! =) Wanna see how my jnrs perform for MAF. Jia you CD girls!

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