Wednesday, July 05, 2006
fOUR names you go by
a. YY
b. YinGerS
c. Ying
d. Miaow

fOUR screen names you've had
a. YY
b. YinGerS
c. Miaow
d. and Miaow

fOUR PHYSICAL things you don't like about yourself
a. round face =(
b. thighs
c. tummy
d. height (160 onli...)

fOUR parts of your heritage
a. im a chinese
b. im born in spore brought up in spore
c. im a proud cantonese!
d. the east rocks!

fOUR things that scare you
a. cockroaches (my ultimate fear)
b. lizards that suddenly appear (otherwise it's fine)
c. ppl who always like stick to u...
d. when my mum is sad/angry

fOUR of your everyday essentials
a. water
b. food
c. air
d. sleep

fOUR things that you are wearing now
a. specs
b. ankle guard
c. tj tee + pants
d. undergarments like duh?!

fOUR of your favourite bands or musical artistes
b. Gary Cao Ge
c. Jay
d. JJ

fOUR of your favourite songs
a. 人生海海 by Mayday~
b. 情人节快乐 by Gary~
c. 数到五答应我 also by Gary~
d. 旅行的意义 by Chen Qizhen

fOUR things you want in a relationship
a. love
b. communication
c. comfortable distance away
d. committment and freedom

tHREE truths and oNE lie (In no particular order, figure them out yourself. IF YOU ARE CLEVER ENOUGH.)
a. i love my cat
b. i love my family
c. i love z
d. i love ny and hc

fOUR things you wanna do badly right now
a. see what's my cat doing
b. make more noise
c. shop
d. prevent tml from arriving

fOUR careers you're considering / have considered
a. newscaster
b. psychologist
c. vet
d. news reporter

fOUR places you wanna go on vacation
a. Hawaii
b. Hong Kong
c. Japan (ah!!!!!!)
d. New Zealand

fOUR names you like (3 english + 1 chinese)
a. Ean
b. Christine aka Chris
c. Evangeline
d. 亦雪 (think it's a beautiful name for a girl)

fOUR things you wanna do / see before you die
a. fly
b. loved and be loved
c. watch sunrise and sunset
d. sing and dance

fOUR things that indicate that you're stereotypically a boy
a. i whistle
b. i walk like a guy
c. i talk loudly (sometimes)
d. i did e dna test which indicates dat im 38% masculinity -_-

fOUR things that indicate you're stereotypically a girl
a. i wear skirts
b. i turn soft at the sight of cute stuff... like kittens
c. pink is ok
d. soft and cuddly

fOUR celeb crushes
b. Zhang Zhi Ling!!!!
c. Zheng Jia Ying!!!!
d. Louis Koo (used to like him sighz)

fOUR ppl u wld like to see do this test
a. xiaoyou~
b. princess
c. xuet
d. ah xiu
dob: 11-02-1988
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city: singapore