Monday, July 10, 2006


watched e match last nite... i mean morning. first time i only slept for 2 and a half hrs. 2 and a half hrs! i wonder how i survived for e day. but well i did. with occasional headaches though... which pretty well spoilt my mood. and math paper. disappointed. not that i dunno how to do, but it's my careless mistakes. im serious man it's a TONNE of careless mistakes. no kidding. tonne. i was really angry with myself. i could have gotten so much better if i wasn't so dense and careless at that time. but well can't do much now. can only hope for e better for prelims and As. WORK HARD!!!

on a brighter note, im really excited abt e SMRT challenge thingy. i love my grp! and feel really motivated while we devise strategies and stuff. cool. let's jia you ppl! =)

whew. caught up with a bit of sleep from 5 till now... feeling better. bit better.

wad are u doing?
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