Monday, July 31, 2006
apparently i din go to school today. stomachache first thing in e morning, and my mum was like "just go to school and if u're feeling unwell den come back." but i was trapped in e toliet too long. -_- so din go sch in e end. i wonder wad's wrong with my left eye. very itchy and pain... hope it'll be ok tml coz i wanna wear contacts. and i used up e 200Sx2 ply of tissue papers in 2 days' time (runny nose) can break record liao. slept a lot a lot today...

well let's talk abt e sat which just passed. joined e nus charity fiesta amazing race with hanbao junyi and qing. we signed up after e date of registration and to my surprise we're in. means we're destined to be in. gathered at jurong east at ard 9.30 am and realised im second earliest to qing. dat crazy nuts was doing research all e way till 2.30am. well her research turns out quite useful... at least 2 places came out.

b4 e race started, we saw many hc ppl lar. dis thing is like a hc gathering activity. anyway v funny gave us e clues b4 e game started and we were damn blur coz we've no idea where's our facilitator and in dis messy situation we saw many ppl running past us and we just ran along as well. little did we realised dat our facilitator cant find us and neither can we find him so we need to return to get him. wasted quite some time dere and hanbao and i were saying we might as well give up and go his hse drink tea le.

our facilitator is kong. interesting name. our group name is Burger King. u noe. King. Kong. ok now dis is gonna be a jumbled entry coz i forgot where we went to. vvv blur. i only noe i ran a lot and hanbao is v good with directions. 1st, kallang SADeaf if im not wrong. ran all e way in man nearly dieded. learn sign language dere. quite an eye-opener. 2nd, bugis junction. we guess dey're near macs. find a pouch with smtg like "dogs think they're human" den continue e sentence. i found it after some desperate searchings and e line after was "cats think they're god". after dat went... mountbatten? i think so. wad did we do? i onli rem running and cleaning up benches and tables at e AWWA women welfare assoc. after dat we went amk mos burger to find out price of tulah merang or smtg liddat (5/8/12) and ran across overhead bridge to get to e old ppl's home. we realised dat dey like to be at burger outlets. haha but not BK le. nvm anyway e clue is @%)*^)* coz it tells us to go 2nd floor and we went dere spent some time asking e blur assistant little did we realise we're spose to go to e 1st floor where e stat masters are. oh i saw my tuition tchr dere. big surprise. haha nice to see her again after like... 1 yr plus? our task was to mop e floor. one of e old men requested us to wipe his windows so being nice ppl we did. 1st time i wiped windows lar... ^5 junyi. den wet and sweaty ran to take mrt to changi airport, our last stop. check out if there's a place called phoenix at e board outside swensens. and yes there is. btw hanbao and qing did dis task while i went to e toliet and junyi went to redeem burgers. YES e stat master is at macs dis time round. after dat ran all e way to take train to Jurong East. someone smsed junyi dat we might be among e top 3. =) were quite happy but didn't want to rasie our hopes too high coz no one noes wad will happen and we were actually very slow le...

reached JE, ran all e way. and realised we got 3rd. well at least we din get 4th (no prizes). according to e man, we're juz 2 mins away from champion. v dui. but haiz nvm lar. went JE entertainment centre to spend e rest of our time eating burgers and taking neoprints. v funny ones. =D

cheeyang sang yue liang dai biao shui de xin at e charity fiesta and i melted! his voice is still so nice and he really carries e song well. recorded him singing on my phone! though it's lousy quality but his voice is still good.

e emcee said dat we lack creativity... coz we use BK as grp name. wad lor. we've a Hanbao as team leader k. of course BK lar.

got 300 dollars worth vouchers. not bad lar. but we prefer cash. hehe easier split mah.

ok im gonna rest. eyes v tired.

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