Thursday, June 15, 2006

she vomitted 4 times from morning till now.

she's been giving a pitiful look since...

neko wants to play with her. he tried all ways to annoy her so that she'll budge. but she doesn't have the strength to... already.

mum cried. ever since bobo stops eating, I can feel the heavy dense atmosphere of death surrounding the house. engulfing. slowly. painfully.

mum has decided not to bring her to the vet, knowing that euthanasia will be her only way out. I trust that she'll make the best decision for her. she has been her only companion under the roof when her children attend school and her husband at work.

mum knows that bobo will not fancy entering another world at a totally new and strange place with strangers surrounding her. mum knows that she wants to make her exit at home, catching a last glimpse of the only ppl she knew all her life. everything she had all her life.

the mark bobo made when she chewed on the handle of the hammer. she was just a puppy then.

we will never throw it away.

bobo. she was named after Zoey Tay when she acted in this series at least 14 yrs ago. she was given to us by one of my dad's workers. after two weeks "probation", i never let her leave. I was 4 then. we've moved 7 times. and each time bobo has to adapt to the new environment. she always whines when she's at a completely new environment. she always wags her tail and jumps around when we reach home. she always barks when we were eating. that was her way of asking for a fair share.

if only she would bark now, i'm sure we will never ever scold her for that. never again.

haha. i've exhausted 1 box of tissue since yesterday.

nowadays, i cry so easily at the mention of bobo's past. and at the sight of her now.

ppl. if u please. dun mention dogs or puppies in front of me. otherwise u'll just get a shock when u witness the weak side of me.
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