Thursday, June 15, 2006

she never likes taking photos...

she always turns around when i take a camera and intends to shoot her photo.

we never bought her any chewing toys

she always chews on my toys

she loves chewing on bones too

whenever we eat out, we always try to bring home some chicken bones

she loves them...

u noe wad? my mum never allows me to feed it off e table... like just dump e food down on the floor for it to eat

but i always do it when she's not looking

she is unable to walk... since years agoas

in walk she hasn't taken any walks these recent years

she has all along been at home

i love taking her out for a walk

even though she's not a pure breed and not as pretty

but she's so pretty...

her fur... i'll never ever get to touch her ever again.

never to call out her name while clapping with a tempo... to get her to come to me...

mum and dad never allows her to come onto the bed when she was young...

she likes jumping...

but she's not allowed to... too much.

she doesn't like being on a leash... but she's quite naughty. always wander off if we release her from the leash.

when i was primary 3, she ran out of the house. lost for like half a day. after we came home from school, dad and i went to search for her again. and while we were taking a rest at another block, she came out with this guy who also owns a dog. and she looked so excited to come down! and of course she's glad to see us... glad that she can return home.

i forgot when is it. but i imitated my stupid Kao and tried to get it air-bourne. and in the end i broke her leg as she fell. she was really in pain and my mum was scolding Kao and I. Especially Kao... coz it's his fault mainly. we brought her to some chinese doctor. not a vet, mind you.

she has never gone to a vet before. never.

till this day.

we've never say this before... but

we love you, bobo

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