Friday, June 23, 2006
obliged to do so coz xiaoyou tagged me... and well i'm bored.

10 Favs:
Fav colour: blue, purple, black, white, orange, silver, green... basically most colours. bleah.
Fav food: mum's cooking... best =)
Fav song: eh for now? 我是真的付出我的爱 by zhou hua jian
Fav movie: pirates of e carribean. *yes! another one coming up*
Fav sport: eh i'm not good with sports but i like badminton!
Fav season: winter. e cold and e snow...
Fav day of e week: saturday... probably the only day i can go out play
Fav ice-cream flavour: chocolate, rum and raisin, hazelnut...damn nice
Fav book: hardly read... comic books? yes! death note
Fav cartoon: anime... cute ones like midori days to naruto and shaman king. fighting and magic. fav.

9 currents:
current mood: block tests sux... and school is gonna reopen like omg mood.
current song: 我是真的付出我的爱
current book: huh? i seldom multi task...
current subject studying: erps shld be lep... but wad am i doing now anyway?
current thought: this song is so sweet... and block tests sux
current time:10:57am to be exact
current toenail colour: silver...
current boyfriend: xiaoyou. oops. she's a girl. im sry.
current wish: i want to do well for blocks.

7 Firsts:
1st best friends: cant rem... which means they're not so best afterall
1st crush: eh... p sch?
1st movie: cant rem... must be some chinese movie though
1st piercing: ears... one on each.
1st handphone: hahaha nokia 3210 i think...
1st sport: running?
1st pet: dog.............

Last cigarette: how do u have a last when u dun even have a 1st?
Last drink: plain water
Last car ride: e day b4
Last crush: erps.
Last movie seen: RV in gv cinema, TM
Last phone call: dad
Last sms: ning
Last song played: still 我是真的付出我的爱

Have you evers:
Dated one of ur best friends: u mean girls? duh.
Broken e law: even if i had, do u think i'll say?
Been arrested: nah
Skinny-dipped: nah
Been on TV: yups
Kissed someone u din noe: waah kissed someone i dunno wad the... i still retain my 1st kiss. =)

5 things you're wearing: t-shirt, fbt shorts, specs, clips, undergarments.

4 things ive done today: wake up, breathe, nature calls, kissed my cat

3 things I can hear rite now: song playing from my com. clicking of the mouse. zhou1 gong1 calling out for me to go back to bed and zzz.

2 things u cant live without: sleep. entertainment.

Things u do when ur bored: online, chase my cat, sleep, sms, sing, listen to songs, blogging, talk, chat, dance randomly, play, shop, think...

5 people to do this quiz: ning, xuet, xiu... and anyone and no one.
dob: 11-02-1988
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