Friday, June 02, 2006

dance camp 2006 + 61 photos!

X-men (waah lighting effect)

61 ice cream

61 at war-front (ok im mad)

ah hc dance camp today. a really cool day.

started off with jazz lesson with Samantha (was from NYGH and HCI!). Oh my she's a damn cool person. To tip it off, she dances v nicely and omg she tempted me to learn jazz! love it! danced to beyonce's dangerously in love. v nice. prefer dat one to another one by pussycat dolls. hehe lyrical! so cool lar...

after dat went get 50 over packs of lemon chicken rice with Shiyan. Waah really train my muscles hahaha. and thanks for collin's help! =) missed XX's lesson though... haiz

after lunch was the long-waited SALSA! woah damn cool I thought I won't be able to do it. Come on dancing on heels! I can't even like walk properly in them! but I'm really elated and excited during e lesson. Jerine (our studio wu instructor) is a hot lady. woah~ she can dance like omg. I wanna learn salsa!!!

den. chi dance. lee lao shi. dai zu.

waah long day and my feet are quite painful now (plus i walked like e entire day ytd). tired! *yawnz* oh watched a really cute disney movie just now... Home on the range. The pigs in there are damn it cute!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!

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