Thursday, June 08, 2006

Candles, stars, soothing music, darkened room, lovely setting of e table, crowding jnrs.

Our farewell party. HCCD 2004-2005

Went Yanyin's hse for the party. It was damn secluded. But it doesn't matter much. This party which they put so much effort and preparation into paid everything off.

They actually turned Yanyin's hse into a high class restaurant like place with many many many pretty waitresses serving the mere 9 ppl (snrs). We felt really honoured and a little overwhelmed. We must give our jnrs a high A for managing such a good "restaurant". The dinner was sushi. Woah~ Damn filling. =) Oh yar they put a card in front of us but we're not spose to read it until they said so. So after putting a cake in front of us after e dinner, they gathered ard and granted permission to read e card. They actually rewrote e lyrics of e Da Chang Jing theme song for us and sang. So sweet. I can say proudly that dancers can take over choir! haha in our hearts. Really touching. cmi

They oso made dis damn pretty tile for each one of us. At first I was like eh where they get such nice mosaic tiles... den I realised. HEY my initials are on it! YY! omg! they made it on their own. And each one of the tiles has this person dancing in e middle! damn pretty and sweet.

That nite... I can safely say. It's e sweetest and prettiest nite I've ever had. =)

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