Thursday, June 01, 2006


Happy Birthday to all SIX-ONERS! =)

61 rocks eva!

today, 15 of 05S61 ppl gathered at Cine to have lunch and some to watch movie (X-Men3!!!) some means 9 of us. heh some 2 extra ppl like cx and north went to watch DVC. Ah i wanna watch dat too! And I wanna watch Silent Hill! It honestly looks quite good. =) Scary~ out on 15th june. After dat went bugis shopped. damn hiong. but end up buying nothing at all. heh

Oh btw today's Apple's bdae too! But she's not celebrating with dat special someone. *hmmm* nvm she celeb w the special us! hahaha =)

~61 all e way~
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