Sunday, May 07, 2006
Went for WP rallies on thurs and fri.


Make sense.

Well aljunied grc under PAP. At least oppo manage to keep hougang and potong pasir.


Ah well went for RJ dance nite ytd it was not bad lar... not fantastic though. Some of e dancers are not really up to standard and I don't really see eye to eye with some parts of choreography. Overall, chinese dancers are better den modern dancers. I must say e break dancers ROCK. They're so damn it good and cool. Eye opener man. I think HC can nv produce such great dancers. Their free style item is so damn it good I was like AHHHH throughout e whole item. I wanna learn hip hop!!! =(

so many schools having dance nite! NJ RJ VJ had theirs and SA's in august. GJY and I were feeling damn sad dat HC is not having one. Well, at least a combined dance nite. *shrugs*

dance dance dance... performance coming up...
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