Thursday, May 11, 2006

sports meet 2006

last combined sports meet for us!

as usual, nygh tchs hci and also hc international combined sports meet today. and as usual, e npcc gals (and guys) are stationed all around to collect ur ezlink cards in a futile attempt to prevent ppl from escaping as so many do. Our CT din take attendance today! =( haiz... nvm lar last sports meet le shld be guai like me and stayed till e end.

well as usual our location was quite bad. far from e competition grd, next to ares and athena. cheered and cheered and cheered. damn hot. talked and talked and talked. damn it hot. e facs juz kp on suaning each other by shouting things like "why u so ego, stupid apollo" repeatedly and stuff liddat. quite interesting if u ask me... but lame lar. damn tiring. lost apollo by 5 points... well at least we're not last dis time round.

went taka with apple, ernie, ning, qing, xuet and xiu to have our lunch (ard 11am) den went shop at far east where we met a whole lot of hc ppl (73 + council ppl + A12) den went heeren den cine. bought earrings (i realised earrings are my essential in shopping list) hair clip and a super nice top. =) my mum says it's good too! yay! had a great time shopping w them... although qing still din manage to get wad she wants by e end of e shopping trip (ends at 5pm)

my feet... ouch. and i've dance pract tml morning. wad an ideal situation im in.

and when's e last time i studied? *blurs*
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