Sunday, May 28, 2006

NAFA performance 2006- Blossoming

Ended ytd on a high note.

It's probably my last official chinese dance performance. Coz I'm taking Advanced Year 3 exam this yr. Last grade. Hopefully can get gd results. Likewise for my A levels. *shivers*

I'm so gonna miss the cute little girls at NAFA and my fellow dance mates. Wonderful colourful characters. Yes I admit the little girls (p4-p5) can be really boisterous and playful at times but they're really cute. And it's not like everyday I've e chance to be "irritated" by them... hehe

A bit reminded me of DES lar. The kids.

Today still has dance lessons. Must drag my weary body there to the dance studio. Haiz tired man. Sianz.

Oh yar thanks for coming to watch, Ning and Qing! Thanks so much. =) And of course... The pretty butterfly necklace! vvvv nice. like me. haha thx!

JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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