Friday, May 19, 2006

guys bball finals

OMG! Bball finals damn cool today! HCI guys VS AJC guys. Waah e AJC guys damn united all botak. Ours look much better comparatively. With hair. hehe anw they put up a great fight as well but well... wad to do? HC too qiang2 liao =) we won!!! Champion!!! And dis v tall guy (chun hao i think) in 64 was made e MVP! damn cool lar! waah cheered like siao... but really exciting. and it's damn hot in e enclosed toa payoh sports hall.

dis yr bball gals got 3rd but still they're really good le. Their trng damn hiong saw b4... Although din get 1st dis yr, but I noe dat they'll juz fight back next yr... and e yrs to come.


and of course all other CCAs dat are having competition or am are in competition, JIA YOU!

闷热的天气吃着冰淇淋 冷却兴奋的心情
在走廊上故意不期而遇 眼神开始有交集

目不转睛的盯着你眼皮 拜托时间都暂停
看着你害羞紧张的表情 就这样被你吸引

单眼皮 有一魔力让我深深着迷 就是你 我就是喜欢这样单纯的你
喜欢你 原来这样子就是一见钟情 你让我天天都有好心情

你的单眼皮有独特魅力 随便眨眨眼都令我着迷
配合你可爱逗趣的表情 我开始情不自禁地喜欢你
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