Tuesday, April 25, 2006
so u think u can dance?

i watched it ytd. couple dance of different genres such as jive, lyrical, hiphop and mambo. The dancers are absolutely dashing. They're all really lovely and fascinating dancers with good technic and blessed with stage affinity, which is very impt to all performers. To be able to perform in front of a huge audience is not easy at all. One needs to be able to manage the stress and conquer stage fear, and one shouldn't allow oneself to be disturbed by wad's going on in e audience for it will disrupt one's emotions and even stimulate unwanted fear, causing stumbles and irregularities to e otherwise smooth performance.

For e male dancers, I really like Allan and Ryan. Esp Ryan... who has not undergone training of any type but has(till now) all along been self-teaching hiphop. This is wad I called cut out for dance. He did very well ytd for e mambo dance. It's really cool. Despite Allan's size, he dances naturally and displays ease through his movements. He's e one with great personality and he's cool. Give it up for e Big Daddy.

I've dis strange affection for Snow. Really strange. I think she can dance really well. But at e same time she gives me a weird feeling. aura? hehe but she's good. And I like Sandra. She's cool.

Best dancer among e guys i think is e one with e most attitude and biggest ego. But honestly, no doubts dat he's really good. And i'm surfing on FOX now which says dat So u think u can dance has already ended?! AND OMG I SAW E RESULT! spoil everything.

oh yar dat day I had a weird dream. Like watching a movie. Dreamt of spiderman who's actually someone skilled in wushu and he's trying to take part in a competition to earn money for dunno wad. So weird. Oh yar and he has another special ability... He can fire some tar like substance?! all in all. strange.
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