Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2nd april 2006

campus superstar finals!!!!!! ning and i went LT3 to support cheeyang... not live lar but mediacorp was there to film us. initially there were juz a few ppl... seriously. but mabbe we were too early... ard 7 liddat lar. it starts at 7.30pm... anyway ltr more ppl came so not so ahem. in e end 2/3 of e LT3 was filled up, which is v good. =)

anw dis is seriously e 1st time im supporting anyone liddat. i mean, although i love mayday loads but i've nv hold up their posters or name boards and scream loudly and madly for them before. waah. cheeyang ah. HC spirit. woah talk abt HC spirit. e LT3 is filled w it during e entire campus superstar finals! damn cool. love it. and it's fun coz we can criticise anyone we dun like (actually juz one person lar. cheeyang's male opponent lor. haha) or cheer like dunno wad for cheeyang. really v gan cheong for him... esp for e first part of e comp. sooooo glad dat cheeyang got in... and went all e way to e top!


here are e cheers. always hear it on tv but always dunno wad they're toking abt.

cheeyang hey, cheeyang ho, cheeyang cheeyang u so pro!


dat above statement is so true. cheeyang rock on! hc is v proud of u! =)
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