Wednesday, March 01, 2006


marriage- a divine ceremony.

marriage- made in heaven, broken on earth

marriage- a joyous bond of 2 individual worlds

marriage- a joyous facade

marriage- a promise of love

marriage- expiry date unknown

marriage- a fragile chemical bond (van der waals' forces of attraction)

marriage- a strong stable hydrogen bond/alkane molecule (under absence of radicals)

marriage- a precious stone

marriage- under vigorous chemical reactions the precious stone degraded to a stone

marriage means children. and children means hindrance to divorce.

or is it?

case: a man who attempts to shirk his responsibility as both a husband and father
ppl involved: a man, 2 women and a baby boy
details: 1 yr into their marriage, the wife gave birth to a baby boy. it was then she got suspicious of her husband. after investigation, she confirmed her hypothesis. the husband was cheating on her, going steady with a younger girl. he did not even try defending himself. he simply said that all he wants is freedom, and that he shldn't have entered a marriage. he regrets it. he doesn't even want to attempt to save it.
question: what shld e wife do?

i've no idea. but i admire her courage of facing the problem and not escaping from it.


haiz. human.

p.s. bian3 tao2 xian4 fa1 yan2... left side of neck swollen. =(

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