Sunday, March 05, 2006


fun! I love e jnrs! they rock!

had dinner at an indonesian restaurant... Rice Table in somerset area. E food is quite good. Esp e fish. =) we asked for a 2nd plate of it.

and we walked all e way from e restaurant to esplanade. some gals and 1 guy. zhiyong. extra. haha. drank bacardi along e way. juz 4.8% alcohol. nothing much. but qing was quite drunk... like goodness lar... liddat oso can drunk...

lu hugged a tree and shouted "i love nature" in chinese for truth or dare. =D
I still remember vividly that 05s61 was once like that. Like 06s61. Girls and guys are able to mix around easily.

What happened?

Why is that we're so segregated now and unable to communicate as well as last time?

I do not understand.

we're just drifting apart. further and further apart.

2 yrs. a class spliting into 2.

i dun want to see history repeat.
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