Sunday, March 26, 2006

after block test 1

went to watch movie with Kao today. Yours mine and ours. At lido. Cinema 7. The movie is great. Cute hilarious touching... love it! their kids are honestly e spirit of e show. They are so cool. super cute. 18 kids and 2 parents under e roof... oh plus a housekeeper (super silly) a few dogs (or is it a dog?) a cat a hamster and not to forget, a pig (e lead among all the animals) wad else can happen? 18 kids, 8 of e dad and 10 of e mum. different backgrounds different sets of rules (or u can say no rules for the 10 on e mum's side) come together. a nice relaxing movie. =) look out for e 2 4 yr old kids. they're too cute to be missed anyway. really too cute. cutie factor.

b4 dat was at home... watched tv for whole day. or strictly speaking, dvds and vcds. watched doraemon. hehe~ missed it.

im sleepy. but refusing to zzz. shoosh. realli not e type for nitelife. muz train.
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