Saturday, March 11, 2006

3 dreams in a nite

1. In my dreams, my dearest Charms is married! At the age of 18! Shocking eh? Sorry Charms I forgot how ur husband looks like but he can't be bad-looking since u're Charms and if he's bad-looking I wld have remembered. =D I went to Charm's hse to pay her a visit and I think Xiaoyou was with me... Hahaha

2. I dreamt that Shi Xin Hui and Chen Weilian are married! And I went to pay them a visit too! Chen Weilian asked us (me and dunno who) to play him a tune on the piano and i played the simplest one using just the black keys.(1235512355123565333...) Oh yar all these happened on the balcony of their hse.

3. I dreamt of Feng Huishi coming after me! In my dreams I'm v good at singing (In actual fact I'm not bad at singing k?) then she's sposed to be like... my mentor I guess... The she came after me!

Then... I woke up lor.

Strange dreams. Strange way the mind works when u're asleep.

I love dreaming.
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