Wednesday, February 15, 2006


e last cross-country in HCI.

Ran as competitor as Lu can't make it... My no. was 2316... But as a competitor, my no. is changed to 612. And I came in as e 209th runner. Bleah! Walked in e middle mah... Not prepared to run so long one. And I brought my mp3 along for some entertainment. =) Baah~ At least I'm not last lar hor?

I'm quite determined to train after today's X-country. Hopefully I can sustain it. =)

Oh yar congrats to Huixiang who came in as 23rd, Ting 60th, CY 62nd and Qing 78th... Congrats to Tian you and Hanbao as well! Quite fast... But Hanbao achieved it by rolling lar must be. Tian you got cheat nt? *dun believe u* hahaha jkjk I not dat bad k

Tml is dramafest... Jia you 61!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ARTEMIS!
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