Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day~

Once again, e whole of HC was experiencing a frenzy start in e morning. One can really feel e love in e air~ =)

~ My angel is ZHEXI as I guessed! They all super mean try to bluff me... but well i'm nt a gullible little gal k? =P Anw he gave me a cute dog character in Naruto. E dog belongs to kakashi... i dunno e name though heh. But it's cute!

~ My 2nd angel is ZZ= Issac... Dat one I knew long ago le. He bought me a red piggie from Action City name Ashley. Super cute as well. Side track a bit... Today in HC one can see many action city plastic bags ard... they're earning a tonne man.

~ My mortal is Zhenwei lar. ZHU1! I thought he really not getting me anything... In e end he did lar. A mickey mouse pillow, blue background. v cute! *he was complaining e entire day abt e present i gave him. Coz he said v loudly dat he got E8 for O lvl HCL so I bought him a Cheng2 Yu3 360 tiao2. heh~*

~ Vanny Oh very sweet... baked cookies for us. Hey thx Vanny... not bad lar but next time u bake rem to ask me along I think I can make it better. Oops. bhb. Luv ya dear! Got hot date today?! *hint hint*

~ Liting and Yeong Chynn gave me a duckie soft toy! cute and sweet... but no match to them lar. Both add together= honey sweet. Haiz they better not see dis they're 2 v bhb jnrs. Thx!

~ Yan Ling gave a friendship card. Thx for ur well-wishing! I'm sure I'll be able to get lots of friends! Esp. nicey friends like U!!! =) Dance rocks eva!

~ Wanling aka WanWan gave me a stalk of flower! Very sweet lilac... is it u made it on ur own? Love it... v pretty. thx thx!

~ Christine gave a heart shaped clip attached to a piece of note. Thx dear I enjoy seeing u ard ur class table beside ours playing small little cards too! =D Go motor legs!

~ Weeleng aka Ah Leng... thx for e pair of sweet blue earrings! I showed it to many of my friends and they said it's v sweet. U really got taste woman! thx thx~

~ GJY baked cookies for me tooooooooo! And GJY loves me! yay! Her cookies are not bad k? A bit like halfway btw cookie and cake. Is it intentionally one ah? thx dear!

~ Kailing and Hamster (clarence chio lar) gave me ferrero rochers. Thank u v sweet! They happen to be one of my fav. chocs! *smilez* thank u~

~ Listen to this: THE GUYS IN CLASS 05S61 ACTUALLY ORDERED PINK BALLOONS FOR EACH GAL IN 05S61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st time in history! So damn surprised man! Thought e councillors made a mistake with e orders when Ning and I received e order in e morning. THANK YOU GUYS!

~ Chua Yiyou will give herself to me on 30th Feb! ANYWAY she's super pro today I made such a nice present for her and guess wad?! She spoilt it. Left it on e class bench AND claimed dat she can't find it and in e end I've to find on her behalf. And e present is spoilt. ALL HER FAULT. Thank u for such a nice V day present Chua Yiyou. And now I've to redo it. AND U DUN ALLOW ME TO TAKE A PHOTO OF U IN DAT NICE NECKLACE!

Went out with juniors after school for dinner. Super cool. 21 of us (snrs + jnrs) strolling all e way to Mad Jack for dinner. Let's recall who's dere...
05S61: Rong, Ning, Qi, Ting, Me, Brother, Hanbao, North, Xixi
06S61: Issac, Zhenwei, Liting, Ruihong, Yi Hui, Zhexi, KK, Meiling, Audry, Rachel, Wangye, Yeong Chynn, Calvin, Clarence, Francis, Jason, Weilong, Dawn, Joe chee, Joanne, Lien...
I had a super great time with these ppl. Ruihong, Qi, Rong and I were playing ard with dao poses for camera. But Rong's camera kinda lousy lar. Hehe. Oh! and I played scissors paper stone with Hamster and he lost! I played with Dawn as well! And I won! Used North's sure-win technic. Playing ard with e mind~ haha bleah

Oh. I learnt dat Liting's christian name is Adeline.


Happy V day everyone!
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