Friday, February 03, 2006


hello everyone! so long nv blog liao hahaha my poor blog. erm ok so much to say dat i dunno wad to say now

eh firstly i must say dat 06S61 rocks! luv ya lots! 05s61 rocks too... i think e many breaks are kinda good... at least, like wad ning said, we've more time to really interact with one another. Like today some went for a movie and tml, to qing's hse. feel kinda xin wei dat we're not distant and able to maintain our relationship.
(for campfire nite thingy, ref to class blog or zhexi's blog)

psst i suspect zhexi is my angel. really suspect. And he looks a little like Emily... my ex classmate from sec sch.

being internet-less is sad... from today onwards (YES!) i've internet! v happy. hehe! now at aunt's hse though... gathering. totally forgot dat i've got dance pract tonite... so it was cancelled. paiseh... heh

sunday got dance perf at hci audi... ya lor...

xiaoyou pretended to be angry with me today. -_- hongli told me liao

i played "cai cai wo shi shui" with clarence ruihong and wangye... dey v smart. clarence a bit slow lar... e next day den noe is me. he craps with whoever available man. cute burger.

wad's hbc?

oh yar fearless is really good. fret not to watch it. it rocks. u'll be kinda inspired to pick up martial arts after watching e movie. i end up trying to punch my Kao after dat. =)

oh yar chi dance orietation. i was really crazy during dat. coz i was so tired lar... e extreme of tiredness results in this---> crazy yy

dunno wad happened recently always kana runny nose. i even woke up during middle of e nite coz of dat. v bad. din get enough rest. v tired.

wang lao said dat i got fairer! yay!

u noe why hanbao cannot go macs/bk or anywhere which sells burgers? coz his mother won't be able to find him... he'll get lost among all those burgers.

chiochio is a hamster

i think rong kana lame diao by e lame and cold jokes i created for her.
1. wad do u do when an elephant jumps on u?
wait for death to arrive upon immense pressure

2. wad do u do when a giraffe eats ya hair?
let it styles ur hair

3. wad do u do when a cat leaps on u?
try to scurry off

dun have liao coz of bad response. =(

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