Thursday, February 23, 2006


i had 3 great dreams ytd. =)

1. I've no idea why but we were having our GP lesson at nite in HCI 3rd floor classroom beside e toliet (yes dat one). I dreamt of myself escaping from Mrs Lee's class, with her shouting for me to change quickly (i guess i was in some other clothing...)

2. Next scene, I was back at my dearest Tampines Primary School (tps). I was at e car park, at nite, all alone and enjoying it. It was a cool nite blessed with light breeze and when I looked up at the sky, I was wonderfully surprised. Stars embedded and adorned e velvety nite with their shimmers and glitters. Shooting stars rushing across e sky in a hurry. I managed to make two wishes before they disappear. It was such a pleasant dream.

3. We're able to talk effortlessly. =)

I particularly love e 2nd dream. I guess I really miss my pri sch a lot for it to actually appear in my dreams. I miss starry nites too... but u simply cant find them in singapore.

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